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"Le Cimetière des Masques"
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(The masks' cemetery)
"LE CIMETIERE DES MASQUES" (The masks' cemetery)
Theater ballet for 6 dancers

Date of creation : June 2000

Duration of show : 45 minutes

Choreography : Marianne Niox (Senegal)

Artea Company's artistic director : Marianne Niox

Music : Songhaï group - Nakodje group (Senegal)

Decoration : Ibou Diokhané (Senegal)

Costumes: Dasha (Senegal)

This creation has been set up from a text written by the well-known author Charles Cheikh Sow. It is a workshop of thought, of understanding on the future of the African dance. Through this workshop we will be able to study the impact that the strictness of classic and modern jazz dance could have on traditional dance.

The show has been created thanks to a work of training/teaching and a workshop (atelier) of thought about "arts du spectacle", of cultural industries, starting from real experience.


In a sad museum room, masks of African ancestors are hanged on the walls, like ordinary things.

Whereas they once were objects of cult, of initiation and rejoicing, whereas they once were worn by dancers and were always in motion, they now have become still, like symbols of the African alienation, of their loss of identity. The voice of a griot (suddenly) thunders through the night and makes us sympathize with the sad fate of the masks…

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