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"Dakar Cabaret Show"
"Le Cimetière des Masques"
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"Dakar Cabaret Show"
Creation for 17 dancers, 7 musicians, and a singer

Date of creation : 2002

Duration of show : 55 minutes

Choreography : Marianne Niox (Senegal)

Artea Company's artistic director : Marianne Niox

Music : traditional music

Music arrangements : Marianne Niox

Costumes : Dasha (Senegal) - "Stylisme" National School (Senegal)

This creation has been settled around a traditional "repertoire". It aims at bringing out the value re-upgrading this dance which has always been carrying the same image for many years. Through this workshop we will be able to study the impact that the strictness of classic and modern jazz dance could have on traditional dance and music.

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